Friday, September 27, 2013

The Enduring Appeal of Gemstones

You can easily figure out, if you are looking for jewelry containing gemstones billige smykker, that it is not as straightforward as years ago. With advances in technology, it can be difficult for anyone but a well trained expert to tell the difference between natural and synthetic (or even fake) gemstones. You can take steps to make sure your online gemstone shopping is a pleasant and rewarding experience.

One thing many people do not realize is the relationship between the ruby and the sapphire; they are made from the same thing. But as most of us know, rubies are valued more than sapphires in every way including price, most notably. You may be more familiar with the blue sapphire, but you may not know they can also be purple or yellow. Clarity is always important when a gemstone is evaluated for price, but other considerations are how big it is and the way it was cut. One of the most often seen uses for smaller sapphires is as decorative settings for more valuable gemstones such as diamonds. Naturally, sapphire costume jewelry will be synthetic and exists for those who are unable to buy the real thing. 

Pearls have a huge market demand that is only beaten by the demand for diamonds. As you probably know, pearls come from living sea organisms, and for that reason the industry does not classify them as a gem. They come from oysters as well as mollusks, and they are alive of course. The pearl industry is heavily involved with producing cultured pearls. As they still come from sea creatures, this doesn't make them any less natural, only that the process is controlled by humans to meet the huge demand.

Plus one huge good thing about approaching it this way is the overall price to get the pearl to the market is significantly less. Pearls are graded on a scale that goes from A to AAAA, with the higher quality stones commanding the highest prices.

Simulant is a term you do not hear much with gems, and two others you may know are natural and synthetic. Gemstones that are mined from nature are obviously called the natural gems billige smykker. In terms of being identical, chemically speaking, the natural and synthetic gemstones are the same thing.

The simulants are not real and not considered precious or semi-precious as they are basically fake. The top three gems, emeralds, diamonds and rubies are typically what the simulant market targets. The most important thing here is that you know what you are getting and not paying too much. The simple fact is that natural gems are not as plentiful as they once were. 

In summary, people's preferences differ when it comes to gemstones, but everyone appreciates the beauty and glamour of at least one stone. There are so many precious and semi-precious gems in the world that it is amazing to read about. Regardless of what the stone is, as it pertains to what you like - you are the only person you have to make happy.